St. Mary’s Catholic Church 
Parish Council

208 Meridian St, PO Box 309 - Tipton, Iowa 52772  

   Phone:563-886-2506     Fax: 563-886-6326

Parish Council


    Mike Myers


    Ashley Poduska

There are five commissions with a parish council member as chairperson of each.

They are:

Faith Formation:

    Katy Kash

Family and Church:

    Josh Poduska

Social Justice:

    Stacy Farrington

Building and Grounds:

Brian Walshire


Tom Poduska

Each chairperson will be asking parishioners to serve on their commission. Please serve generously as we want to keep our parish viable.

Lay Directors for the next two years in

Mechanicsville are

        Tomas Poduska

        Jo Ellen Cook.