St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Mechanicsville, Iowa

208 Meridian St, PO Box 309 - Tipton, Iowa 52772  

   Phone:563-886-2506     Fax: 563-886-6326

Mechanicsville Mass Times


8:00 AM

2nd and 4th Saturday

4:00 PM

Weekday Masse

Wednesday and Friday

8:00 AM

Bulletin Information: All items for the bulletin need to be sent directly to St Mary's in Tipton to Sylvia on Tuesdays. All Mass intentions need to go through Fr Okumu directly.

Reverend Richard Okumu, Pastor

In case of serious emergency, you may reach
Fr. Okumu by cell phone at:

For non-emergencies, please contact Father Okumu via email or by Office Phone.

Knights               Corner

Ministries    St. Mary’s of Mechanicsville Church is still in need of volunteers to help with our worship services. Please consider sharing your talent with us. Altar set-up and Lectors are in special need! Please contact Donna Robinson at 319-480-7141.

St. Mary Church
302 Reeder Street, POB 457

Mechanicsville, Iowa 52306


Office Phone: 563-432-6236


Priests of St. Mary’s:

Father Lowry 1861-1872,

Father Downy 1872-1875,

Father McAbe 1876-1878 (our first resident priest), Father Daly 1878-1888,

Father Kissane 1888-1900,

Father Gillespie 1900-1909,

Father Glenn 1909-1911,

Father Landers 1911-1913,

Father Gaffney 1913-1920

Father Lawler 1921-1928,

Father Frenken 1928-1956.

Father Casey 1956-1979. Father Casey was here when the new church was built. He retired and returned to Ireland.

Father McCoy 1979-1985 (killed in a car accident), 1985-1993 Father Waldschmidt,

1993-1999 Father Meyer, 1

999-2004 Father Doyle,

2004-2007 Father Benda,

2007-2012 Father Kelly,

2012-2014 Father Hitch,

2014-Present Father Okumu!

How many do you remember?

Members of the St Mary’s Parish Communities,

The north door access ramp to the basement of St Mary’s in Mechanicsville has outlived its time and is unserviceable. It has reached the point that those who wish to bring friends and family with mobility impairment to functions in the church basement have to do so with great difficulty and some risk of an accident. The Parish Council has determined the need to remedy the situation.

The Parish Council, facilitated by excellent work from Brian Walshire, has reviewed several options and has settled upon a lift chair with a service weight of up to 400 pounds. The cost for installation of the chair and attendant electrical service is $4500. The council made an attempt to defer cost of this project through a grant but our application was unsuccessful. The purpose of this letter is to so-licit pledges from our members or anyone in the Cedar County Christian Community who is willing to help. Every dollar we can collect for this worthy and necessary project will defer funding it from the general operating budget.

If you are willing please select an amount to pledge in the spaces provided. You can place this letter and/or your donation in the Mass collection, return it to the address above, or any other way that makes sense. We will be extremely grateful if you are able to help improve access to our church basement for all the events we enjoy and share there.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Mike Myers,
Parish Council President of St. Mary’s Mechanicsville

307 East 1st Street

Information contact Shannan Walshire 563-357-5142 or

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