St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Mechanicsville, Iowa

208 Meridian St, PO Box 309 - Tipton, Iowa 52772  

   Phone:563-886-2506     Fax: 563-886-6326

Bulletin Information: All items for the bulletin need to be sent directly to St Mary's in Tipton to Sylvia on Tuesdays. All Mass intentions need to go through Fr Okumu directly.

Reverend Richard Okumu, Pastor

In case of serious emergency, you may reach
Fr. Okumu by cell phone at:

For non-emergencies, please contact Father Okumu via email or by Office Phone.

St. Mary Church
302 Reeder Street, POB 457

Mechanicsville, Iowa 52306


Office Phone: 563-432-6236

Knights of Columbus

Weekly News

Mass Schedules


302 Reeder St.,

(POB 457)

2nd and 4th Saturday at 4:00 PM

Every SUNDAY 8:00 AM

Weekday Masses:

Wednesday/Friday 8:00 AM

Holy Week April 18th - 21st

    Holy Thursday:4PM in Mechanicsville

        6:30 PM in Tipton

    Good Friday: 4PM in Mechanicsville

        6:30 PM in Tipton

    Saturday Vigil: 8:30 PM in Mechanicsville

        8:30 PM in Tipton

    Easter Sunday:8:00 AM in Mechanicsville

        10:00 AM in Tipton

First Communion will be April 28th during 8:00 a.m. Mass. We have two young people receiving the sacrament this year, Karson Lehrman and Arianna Robinson.

First Reconciliation will be April 24th at 6:30 p.m., with First Communion Rehearsal to follow.

Last Day of Religious Education is April 14th However, it should not be the last time I see you until next fall. I hope and pray you will try to attend Mass throughout the summer months.

With the end of Religious Education drawing near, I would like to take this time to say, “Thank you,” everyone who has helped me this year.

The catechists for helping the children learn a deeper understanding of our faith.

Kylee Dohmen, Anna Leeper, Shannon Walshire, Stacy Farrington, Jamie Wilhau, and Sara Wendt. I could not have done it without you saying, “yes.”

The musicians for learning and teaching the children the music for the Children’s Masses. I am forever grateful for your time and talents.

Marilyn Fitzgerald, Kylee Dohmen, and Jenn Smith

Donna Robinson for your creative ideas for the Christmas program and the Rice Basket program.

The Knights of Columbus for making breakfast again this year following the Christmas Program.

Father Okumu for being understanding and being open to my ideas.

Finally, to you the parents for bringing your children to Religious Education. This is just one step of many in your children’s Faith Formation. I con-tinue to pray for each of your families and hope that I will see you throughout the summer at Mass.

Thanks Again!


Easter Lilies for Mechanicsville

Walter Droll

Eleanor Droll

Jayce Droll

Victor Robinson

Harold & Mary Meloy

Raphael & Elizabeth Pisarik

Ben Jarzombek

Cletus & Phillis Decker

George Driscoll

Jim & Della Crock

Aleen Driscoll

Don Driscoll

Joe & Madonna McCloy

Mike Wurst

“For All”

The Knights of Columbus would like to thank all the 250 people who came to eat and at-tended the fish fry on April 5th. Also a big thank you to the members, wives, and youth who helped with the cooking, deserts, serv-ing, who helped wash dishes, cleaned up, and the money counters. Thank god for a great evening and all who enjoyed.