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The Simple Path

The fruit of silence is


The fruit of prayer is


The fruit of faith is


The fruit of love is


The fruit of service is


2018 Officers

President:            Mary Agne (319) 899-3009

Vice President:    Alice Finnegan (563) 886-5040

Sec/Treasurer:     Ann Pruess (319) 330-7127

                              Address: 575 Spicer Ave,. Clarence, Ia 52216

Advisor:               Joan Wethington (319) 331-3616

2018 Events

(Tentative Dates and Times)

Ice Cream Social

  1. Sunday, September 9th, after 10:00 AM Mass

Annual Women’s Meeting   

        Wednesday, November 7, 6:00 PM

Christmas Craft Bazaar

        Saturday, November 10, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

On-Going Committees

Funeral Luncheon Chairpeople

       Marge Wethington (563) 886-2868

       Jeanette Brennan  (563) 886-2204

Funeral Callers for food:

        Joanne Straumanis

        Kathy Rouse
        Joan Wethington

Funeral Callers for workers:

         Kathy Laing

On-Going Service Projects

Meal Assistance for families in need:

         Mary Agne (319) 899-3009

4th Sunday Coffee and Rolls

   (Not held in May, August, September, December)

          Katie Ryan (563) 357-3292, (ryank+4@gmail.com)

Cedar Manor Bingo

          Cindy Kunde (563) 249-5100 (dckunde@mchsi.com)

Liturgical Service and Greeters

          Michelle Barton (563) 320-6327  (pe4me@hotmail.com)

Quiet Bags during Mass

          Lisa Dircks (563) 889-0275 (clone1@netins.net)

Cemetery Memorials for Deceased Clergy and Nuns

          Teresa Agne (563) 343-9220  (bntagne1@gmail.com)

Funeral Luncheon

           Marge Wethington (563) 886-2868

Ice Cream Social and Christmas Craft Bazaar

          Mary Agne (319) 899-3009

Kitchen Cleaning and Organizing

          Bev Petitgout (563) 357-4448 (batgout@aol.com)

Linens Chairperson

          Arlene Kaefring (319) 331-1978

Interested in helping in any of these areas?

Please contact Mary Agne by phone or email, or contact the committee person you would like to help.

     Mary Agne

        mary.agne@hotmail.com; (319) 899-3009

Spirituality, Service, Education, Fun


Thank you to everyone who helped with our fund raisers throughout the year and through women’s dues which enables us to contribute to these worthwhile charities and organizations.

The 2019 Women of St. Mary’s Tipton Officers will be:

  1. President -- Sherrie Falkers 563-886-6865

  2. Vice-President -- Mary Ellen Marchik 563-886-6045

  3. Secretary/Treasurer -- Cathy Ford 563-946-3111

  4. Women’s Advisor -- Mary Agne 319-899-3009

Thank you for your willingness to serve the Women of St. Marys!